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Project Description

Human Motion is a customizable platform that uses Microsoft’s Kinect sensor to help patients through their rehabilitation process. It is a comprehensive tool to assist professionals by bolstering their patients motivation and collecting relevant information for better decision making.

From the patient standpoint, with the help of video games, the rehabilitation process becomes entertaining and takes away the notion of an illness.

For the professional it also helps enhancing the relationship with its patients, making it more dynamic and personal. The added value it’s a major plus for the professional.

The professional can tailor the patient’s experience by creating treatments with exercises based in criteria such as diagnosis, the patient’s preferred sports, profession or even the patient’s personal taste or age.

Most exercises can be performed in different virtual settings to better fit the situational reality of the patient which, combined with gameplay, can help the professional to adapt the treatment to each patient’s needs.

Human Motion is for anyone!.


Project Details

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