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Project Description

“Eligiendo lo + sano” is an educational game developed for the Sancor Insurance Group of Argentina (Grupo Sancor Seguros) as part of their campaign “Club Preveniños“.

The game’s objective is to teach kids about healthy eating habits by presenting the player with a situation where food items (both healthy and not) fly over the screen trying to get into the main character’s bicycle basket. By using the input method according to the platform where the game its being played, the player must discard the unhealthy food items thus preventing them from entering the basket.

This project has been developed for the following platforms:

  • Web Player: as part of Club Preveniños web site.
  • PC – Kinect: to use in media events, expositions, schools, etc.
  • Mobile: Available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Project Details

Project URL:

Club Preveniños


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