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Project Description

Rusher Dominance defines a new concept in street racing. No complex interfaces or long tutorials teaching you how to drive; Rusher is simple to use. Take the device in your hands and try to tame these speed demons! We offer unstoppable fun.

Rusher Dominance has 100% original car models, concept cars from renowned artist Ferol (you won’t find vehicles out on the streets capable of reaching such high speeds!)

Endless hours of guaranteed fun and endless challenges thanks to its exclusive content:

• 24 tracks based on real cities!
• 13 original concept cars
• 4 exclusive game modes: Quick Race, Time Trial, Elimination, PvsP
• 4 maps of real neighborhoods that you can explore freely, with dozens of missions to accomplish
• Unique tuning garage, to create your own original concept car

Project Details

Skills Needed: